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CO Surya | Movie Rating | Review | Overseas Collection | Public Talk | Industry Talk


C/o Surya – Okay in parts

Rating : 2.75/5

Verdict :-

On the whole, Care of Surya is a simple film which could have been executed in an even better manner. Though there are a few high moments in the second half, the director fails to maintain the same momentum throughout. Those who like thrillers and are desperately waiting to watch a film this weekend can give this film a shot but we suggest you keep your expectations quite low.

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C/o Surya : 

Rating : 3/5


C/O Surya is a different film. It is a good crime story with family backdrop. Director suseenthiran has succeded in narrating this film with engaging screenplay and enough suspense .


C/o Surya Movie Live Updates

1. Film opens in Vizag city...Sundeep Kishan has been directly introduced in a simply manner...a few tragedy scenes are going on

2. Titles rolling now with a nice content driven song Sada Manchikoraku playing in the background...

3. Actor Harish Uthaman makes an entry as a contract killer...a few introduction scenes are on now

4. Comedian Satya and few others come into scene as Sundeep's friends batch...funny scenes are going among them

5. Tamil actor Vikranth has been introduced as one of the Sundeep Kishan's friends...some serious scenes are on between him and villains gang...

6. Beautiful Mehreen makes an entry now...a few funny college scenes are on now

7. Some core scenes showcasing the importance of friendship leads to Yechacha Yechacha song...the song is been picturized in night mode

8.Comedian Praveen joins the scene...a few funny scenes are on now

9. Sundeep falls for Mehreen and is trying hard to impress her...some situational comedy scenes are going on...

10. Some adorable scenes between the lead pair leads to beautiful melody song Mudalaothonda...

11. The film is slowly entering into serious note...villain's gang is plotting against hero and his batch

12. Some intense mind game scenes leads to a good interval episode...Interval now

13. Post interval Sundeep Kishan is trying to find out the villain's identity and the further proceedings lead to intense Rudrakshaa song

14. A few serious mind game scenes are on between the hero and villain...police finally arrests one main member from villain's gang with the help of hero

15. The film's actual plot is revealed now and Sundeep is on a mission to save his sister and close friend Vikranth...

16. As the film is heading towards climax an intense one to one fight is on between the hero and villain

17. At last Sundeep rescues his sister from villain gang and the film comes to end on a happy note.


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CO Surya | Movie Rating | Review | Overseas Collection | Public Talk | Industry Talk