iddaru ammayilu zee telugu serial on 30th october 2015 episode no 225

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Zee Telugu Serials For the Dramatic Viewing Pleasure of You

It was a lot of fun watching Zee Telugu serials this year as well. From time to time, I would read my books, and on occasion, I would do a little research and then watch the latest episodes to see what was being done.

The reason why I enjoyed watching Zee Telugu serials this year is that I wanted to see the actress play several roles. And she really does it very well. Here are some of my favorite ones:

Karen is going through a hard time in her life. When the local leaders decide to hold a marriage ceremony for her, she plans to attend. However, she gets her mind wrapped around the idea of losing her boyfriend, which turns out to be the worst thing to happen to her.

Bhanaya is facing her latest dilemma. After her village and people were destroyed by a fire, she has lost so much. She’s been suffering from a lot of illnesses. Now she thinks that she might end up committing suicide, so she goes to seek shelter at the village temple.

Ashwin and his family are faced with quite a challenge. They have lost their houses, and their possessions. And they feel that their only hope for surviving the year is to find food. So, they go to a nearby market to look for something to eat.

Jagarla tries to take an easier way out of everything. In order to survive, he decides to work as a farm laborer for a few months. But as a result, he ends up being a victim of a crime and is charged with stealing some money.

Sandhya’s father-in-law has become impatient with his child’s behavior. At that time, she is trying to get her youngest child married off to another family. However, he is adamant about the fact that he wants to marry only his daughter. His son-in-law tries to coerce him into it, but Sandhya refuses.

Duniya tries to kill herself after she became pregnant. It was just the two of them in the house when her husband-to-be got killed. Her son is also in the hospital, so she just wants to leave it all behind.

Kurupara’s love for his mother has turned into something very big. He’s willing to give his own life for her, if only it will let her see the light once again.

It was quite difficult watching all these episodes because it has been some time since I’ve seen them. But when I realized that I enjoyed them, I kept watching. Hopefully, this article has helped you understand some of the characters of Zee Telugu serials.

If you want to watch some Zee Telugu serials, you should try some of them. It will really improve your knowledge of the culture of the region. As a bonus, it will help you enjoy reading the books that were written by the authors.