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Psv Garuda Vega – Slick Action Thriller

Rating : 3.25/5

Verdict :-

On the whole, Garuda Vega is a true blue action film which has its heart in its right place. Very rarely do you get to see such stylized and huge scale movies which are good fun and quite realistic as well. The entire set up, grand making and a thrilling first half are huge assets of the film. If you ignore the slightly slow second half and cinematic liberties taken in the film, this movie ends as good pop-corn action entertainer this weekend and gives Rajasekhar his much-needed success.

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Psv Garuda Vega : Decent Action Thriller!

Rating : 3/5


PSV GarudaVega First half is engaging & slick action. After setting up high expectations on core background of the story , in 2nd half story is pale and is of typical telugu action film. Production Values , Cinematography and background score are top class . Rajasekhar Role is good , Sunny leone item song appeals to masses On flipside , Pale execution of second half narrowed the Box-office chances.

Psv Garuda Vega Movie Live Updates

1.Tittles rolling started in Darjeeling and the proceedings lead to a superb stylish bike chase..

2. Entire chase episode was very well the film shifts to Hyderabad and the hero Rajashekar makes an entry now. Heroine Pooja Kumar also joins the scene as Rajashekar's wife

3 .Comedian Ali also makes an entry as Lawyer...few family related scenes are going on now

4. Some drugs mafia related scenes are going on...visuals are too good

5. Rajashekar works for NIA...some investigation scenes regarding the drugs mafia are on now

6.Now again some family scenes are going on and the proceedings lead to Premale song...

7. Yet another comedian Prudhvi makes an entry as doctor...some comedy scenes are going on

 8. Nassar has been introduced as a top cadre NIA officer...few serious scenes are on now

9. Hero is trying to investigate a murder case...the film's narration is going on at a fast pace

10.As a part of murder case investigation Rajashekar finds out the hidden facts behind...some intense scenes are on now

11.Finally, NIA traces out the person behind a chase scene is going on

12.Shraddha Das makes an entry as reporter. Posani also joins the scene as a politician...some tensed scenes are going on now

13. With an interesting and engaging interval episode the film comes halfway...interval now

   First half ReportSo far the film is good with some interesting episodes. Gripping narration and grand visuals are plus points for the first half

14. Post interval actor Kishore makes an entry as the main antagonist...some serious investigation scenes are going on

15.Posani is trying his best to save Kishore's team member...few political related scenes are on now

16.Some brilliantly written scenes are on between NIA members and the antagonist team....

17.Now, the film backdrop shifts to illegal mining...some hacking related scenes are going on...

18. Actor Sayaji Shinde has been introduced as mining minister...few intro scenes are on now

19.Rajashekar is trying hard to find out the hidden facts behind mining scam...scenes setup in village backdrop are being showcased

20.As the film is heading towards climax Sunny Leone's super hit special song Deo Deo is on now...

21. Villain gang is attacking Rajashekar and the proceedings lead to a heavy duty shoot out fight sequence

22. On the other side, NIA team is tracing out the where about's of the main antagonist...some intense scenes are on now

23. The actual purpose behind the film's title PSV Garuga Vega was revealed...the film's narration is going on at a good pace

24. At last Rajashekar escapes from the villain's gang and brings mining scam to limelight. The film ends with a good conclusion

 FinalReport :-


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PSV Garuda Vega is an upcoming telugu movie directed by Praveen Sattaru and jointly produced by M.Koteswara Raju and Murali Srinivas under Jyo star Enterprises. It is a scientific fiction action thriller movie. Rajasekhar, Shraddha Das and Pooja Kumar are the lead roles in the movie. The first look poster was Unveiled on February 4th on the eve of Rajasekhar's birthday. The movie will release on November 3rd, 2017. Sunny Leone is playing guest apperance role.

Hero :- Rajsekhar
Rajsekhar is an Indian film actor who works predominently in Telugu  and Tamil languages. He is also known as angry young man. Rajasekhar has appeared primarily in Telugu language. Several of his films have been dubed inti Hindi and Tamil. He entered into film industry as a villain.

Heroine :- Shraddha Das
Shraddha Das is an Indian film actress who appear in Telugu, Hindi, Malayalam, Kannada and Bengali films. She acted in print advertisements like McDowells, Aristicrat and many more. Her first debut film was siddu from sikakulam which was released in 2008.

Director :- Praveen Sattaru
Praveen Sattaru is an Indian American film director, writer and producer who works Exclusively in Telugu cinema.  He made his directional debut with the film Life before wedding in 2011. He directed an anthology film Chandamama Kathalu which won National Film Award for best Feature Film in Telugu for that year.

Producer :- Koteshwara Raju M
Koteshwara Raju M is an Indian film producer who works primarily in Telugu film industry. 

Music director :- Sricharan Pakala
Sricharan Pakala is and Indian music composer  who works in Telugu Film industry. He started playing Guitar in grade 12 as a hobby. But, Later he decided to take it up full time. He first music debut film was KISS.