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Spyder  – Decent Technological Thriller

Rating : 3.25/5

Verdict :-

On the whole, Spyder is a decent action thriller which has some very interesting moments. Mahesh Babu’s rocking performance and Surya’s menacing act will surely impress you. But as the film has a routine and serious storyline, the class audience will lap it up but the mass audience might find it a bit difficult to digest. Also, the climax is weak and hurried up. If you are okay with the above-said things, then Spyder will entertain you this weekend.


Spyder Review : Spyce Less

Rating : 2.5/5

Bottom-line :  Lacks punch


Mahesh Babu’s charisma and performance
S J Surya as villain
interval bang
Production values


Spyder Movie Review

Rating : 3 /5 

Spyder is one of the biggest debacles in the recent times as the film has been laced with Tamil flavour, filled with over dose of fake drama and bad execution. One more disappointment from Mahesh. 


Spyder Premier Show Live Updates...

1.  Prince Mahesh comes as IB Officer Hyderabad assisting citizens seeking help... 
2.  Mahesh introduction in a boat fight, followed by Boom Boom Song...
3.  Boom Boom Song Dance Visuals are Stylish & Super
4.  Mahesh monitor Rakul preet singh's phone calls, tries to meet rakul.
5.  It's time to Acham Telugandam song.. beautifully picturised song.
6.  Mahesh disturbed by a two murders, mahesh decide to find the culprit of those two girls murder. Movie Story is progressing as a crime investigating...
7.  It's time to "Cicilia cicilia" Song. this song is shooted very beautifully with nice dance movements.
8.  Villain enters, movie goes to flashback is ghastly & lengthy, with some Tamil Nativity. which is unrelated to mahesh.
9.   Fight between Mahesh & Bharat in amusement park is not upto mark.

10. Main Villain S J Surya entered as Bhairavudu. We can expec t some interesting elements in movie between Mahesh & Surya... "Evaru evarni champutaaro memu choosukuntam"

Apart from ongoing songs, first half is ok to watch with no boring scenes.

Lets wait for Mahesh & Surya's mindgames in 2nd Half.

11.  Scenes between SJ Surya & Mahesh are interesting & catching audience attention. 
12.  Now its time to Haali Haali song. nice song with rich & beautiful background sets.
13.  S J Surya escaped from Mahesh. 
14.  To find culprit,  Mahesh plan to conducts a Game Show for ladies watching TVSerial.
15.  Mahesh explains his boss to let him go out of case is well done
16.  Comedy scenes are good with timing.
17.  Lanco hills episode is picturised very well with public in danger. Has done a good computer graphics in this scene.
18.  Hospital Fight is pictured in good standards. Movie comes to Climax
19.  Mahesh says public to share love, like each other instead of facebook likes & shares
20.  Finally SPYDER - A crime investigative story of an intelligence officer 

Director AR Murugadoss could have taken this movie to a Greater level, but finally its a decent thriller to watch for fans & Audience !

Spyder is a thriller flick of Tollywood star Mahesh Babu. The movie features Rakul preet Singh as the female lead. The movie is directed by AR Murugadoss. Tagore Madhu, NV Prasad and Manjula Swaroop are jointly producing this movie. Music is scored by Harris Jayraj.

Spyder Movie is a bilingual movie which will be released in Tamil and Telugu. His confidence & charisma shows that he will survive in Tamil too. Audience were very exicted about the movie and to see Mahesh Babu on the screen. Mahes Babu is playing as a Spye for the first time.

Spyder Movie Releasing Big in Karnataka with 250+ Screens. Spyder Releasing in 450+ screens in USA and 850+ screens in India. Spyder Movie in USA! As of Friday late night US premiere advance booking already crossed $500K !!.

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